Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On the Wings Archives Binge

Rather than posting about every empty CBA meeting and all the other small events happening in the hockey world, I looked back in the extensive On the Wings archive and found some of the most interesting articles from the past two years or so. Regular Season '03-'04 (10/10/03) Wings 3, Kings 2 Yzerman wins it with 1.7 seconds left (10/21/03) Joseph to Grand Rapids (10/31/03) Wings 3, Preds 5 ...Travesty in officiating courtesy of Mike Leggo, Yzerman ejected, CuJo season debut, great fight between Fischer and Scott Hartnell - revenge for hit last season that tore Fischer's ACL (11/4/03) Wings 1, Canucks 5 Bryan Allen breaks Zetterberg's leg on dirty slash (11/5/03) Messier passes Howe (11/9/03) Preds 4, Wings 3 Wings allow 4 unanswered... (11/13/03) Wings 6, Stars 2 Datsyuk /Turco Goal!! (11/27/03) Wings 7, Oilers 1 Draper has two goals, Yzerman scored his 670th goal in his 1,400th game, Bootland's first career goal, Holmstrom injures self diving into boards like a bonehead (11/29/03) Wings 6, Isles 0 Thomas gets two goals and an assist, Datsyuk has three assists (12/4/03) Wings 7, Ducks 2 ....Fedorov the Rat Returns ... Datsyuk gets two goals and two assists (12/5/03) Joseph Clears Waviers (12/14/03) Wings 5, Caps 1 Datsyuk notches 2 goals and 2 assists, 10 points in last four games, moves into NHL scoring lead with 37 points (12/21/03) Wings 0, Preds 1 The Battle of Boredom, CuJo hesitates after thinking offsides will be called on the Preds - lets in winner (12/26/03) Barry Smith to Florida or Buffalo? (1/1/04) Wings 6, Thrashers 5 (OT) article I and article II New Year's Eve game, one of the best of the season (1/11/04) Wings 1, Bruins 2 (OT) Datsyuk ejected - plays most physical game yet and lands Grosek face-first into boards, and Matt makes Sports Talk Cleveland radio! (1/17/04) Wings 3, Coyotes 3 Yzerman's 1700th point (1/19/04) Sharks 2, Wings 1 Woolley has worst shift ever, Hull's scoreless streak continues Dirty Play: Fights Gone too Far (1/23/04) Wings 5, Kings 4 Kronwall breaks leg in freak accident during pregame drills, Wings snubbed in All Star roster (1/23/04) Jagr now a Ranger (1/29/04) Lindros Suffers 8th Concussion (1/31/04) Wings 4, Canes 4 An interesting story from Mickey Redmond about a guy getting called for two penalty shots in the same play, and (2/1/04) commentary on bad refereeing that cost Pavel Datsyuk a penalty shot (2/6/04) Wings 3, Avs 2 (OT) Brett Hull one-timer wins it in overtime, Ray Whitney's 200th career goal, both teams get away with murder for most of the third period, then a Steve Konowalchuck high stick on Draper and an Adam Foote high stick on the Captain with 1.5 seconds left in regulation give the Wings the two man advantage in overtime, (2/8/04) Foote was not suspended for the incident (2/10/04) Dominik is Done Hasek gives it up after trying to return from his groin injury, and (2/10/04) we're glad that he exited in time to give CuJo the #1 goalie treatment, (2/11/04) conspiracies arise as to the timing, but we(3/12/04) later learn that Hasek forfeits salary for games not played, finally signing with the Senators (2/10/04) Injury troubles and reaction to Foote not getting suspended as well as sick happiness to Rob Blake's broken leg (2/11/04) Holland wants goaltenders chained to the net and we ask why?...(2/12/04) then we eat our words as Cheechoo runs CuJo behind the net and leaves him with a badly sprained ankle (2/13/04) Roenick goes down struck in mouth by point shot, collapses in pool of blood (2/15/04) Wings 2, Avs 2 McCarty hit on brow of helmet by Lidstrom point shot, is dazed but later returns, a scare after the JR puck to the jaw, Aebischer leaps and knocks puck out of mid-air on Hull shot - typical Brett slump luck (2/15/04) An interview with assisant GM Jim Nill (2/17/04) Wings 2, Oilers 1 Wings hold Oilers shotless in the 2nd, controversy about whether a Legace glove save crossed the line, eventually goal is disallowed (2/20/04) Wings fail to get Zhamnov and why is Hasek still hanging around the locker room? (2/25/04) Daniel Sedin 4, Wings 2 McCarty exacts revenge on Bryan Allen, who caused injuries to Hatcher (torn ACL off incidental contact) and Zetterberg (broken leg off dirty slash), Bertuzzi falls on Cheli and he suffers an injured left shoulder, Fedor Fedorov gives terrible intermission interview (2/27/04) Robert Lang becomes a Wing (3/1/04) Wings 4, Flyers 2 Lidstrom's 1000th game, Lang fits right in with three assists (3/9/04) Wings 1, Lightning 1 Exciting 1-1 tie, Manny makes his case for a possible playoff debut, Lang suffers rib injury in the 2nd, and Hatcher makes his return to the ice after torn ACL (3/10/04) Bertuzzi incident and (3/11/04) the ruling (3/17/04) Wings 1, Flames 4 The Wings come up 'incomplete', and another injury scare (3/19/04) Wings 1, Coyotes 1 High flying game, but bonehead ref Mike Leggo waves last second Wings goal after losing sight of the puck (3/19/04) On the Wings: 1 Year Anniversary (3/22/04) Ducks 8, Wings 6 A perfect example of when high scoring is not fun, a sloppy defensive effort by both teams, at one point the Ducks scored 5 goals in 10:04 (3/26/04) Wings 3, Avs 1 Wings again outplayed by the Avs, McCarty bloodies Barnaby, Shanahan duels with Cummins, anniversary of the March 26, 1997 ' Brawl in Hockeytown' that left Claude Lemieux bloodied in his turtle shell Playoffs '04 Game 1, Wings 3, Preds 1 Game 2, Wings 2, Preds 1 Game 3, Wings 1, Preds 3 Game 4, Wings 0, Preds 3 Game 5, Wings 4, Preds 1 Game 6, Wings 2, Preds 0 Game 1, Wings 1, Flames 2 (OT) Game 2, Wings 5, Flames 2 Game 3, Wings 2, Flames 3 Game 4, Wings 4, Flames 2 Game 5, Wings 0, Flames 1 Game 6, Wings 0, Flames 1 Assorted Articles NHL Award Finalists Draper for Selke, Schneider shafted?...and the results It's over...thoughts on the playoff loss Mike Danton legal problems Doubt with Lewis' performance, but he is retained with a one-year deal Battle of the Hockey Gladiators ...cancelled Don Cherry re-signs with HNIC Meet the Detroit Gladiators Original Stars Hockey League Hull doesn't give a f--- about the fans anymore.... Thoughts on Pistons/Pacers brawl...and hockey's old-time version as Mike Milbury beats a fan with a shoe The Shanahan Summit Rob Ray Suing NHLPA Heatley gets 3 years probation Hockey patriarch Louis Sutter dies NHL.COM sells flowers... Red Wings Status Report NHL to Uncancel season......or not ....THN and ESPN are full of crap, and EJ Hradek should lose his job Firm offers to buy NHL Down comes the mural John Tavares, 14, to OHL Studies Where NHL Players Come From NHL Playoff Format Where Minor League Hockey Players Come From Where All 5,592 Players in NHL History Came From Draft Success of all Teams in NHL History: 1963-2002 Detroit Red Wings Draft Success: 1963-2002 The Top Offensive Players in International Hockey The Hockey Project's CBA Solution NHL All Time Goal Scorers Leaders List (1/31/04) Email from Bryan McCabe regarding his comments that his $3.85 million salary was a 'decent living' and a (2/3/04) follow-up email from McCabe.


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