Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More from McCabe

Here's the second email I sent McCabe:
I realize that this is between the owners and players, but if you "sit out for the rest of your lives" or even for a full season, do you really expect to keep the fans? Just look at what the MLB strike did to baseball, and baseball has a much bigger U.S. following. I see a NHL strike really hurting the already-limited NHL fanbase in the U.S. I'm all for NHL players making a living, but would it really hurt if your salary went from $3.85 million to, say, $2 million per season?
And his curt, dance-around-the-question, response:
if someone limit your abilities to earn money would you try to prevent it? Is it any different aside from the amount if a boss tells you that you'll make $8/hr rather than $9.5/hr?
The thing that McCabe has to understand is that there is a major difference between making $9.50/hr and $8/hr because that affects ones ability to make a decent living. At an NHL hockey player's level of salary, any decrease means from living in the lap of luxury to living there with one less Ferrari.


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