Friday, December 05, 2003

Joseph Clears Waivers

Hasek's screwing over of Curtis Joseph continued today when he was not picked up by any NHL team before noon. He will now head to the Griffins, most likely having played his last game as a Red Wing. The Wings have realized that having three goalies in practice was not working at all so they've decided to take care of the situation. The Detroit News says the Wings have the option of negotiating a settlement with Joseph which would make him a free agent. The current CBA allows Detroit to buy out his contract a two-thirds its value. However, the Wings are unlikely to be willing to pay so much of his $8 million contract because of the looming work stoppage in the NHL. Paying much of Joseph's salary may be their only option because a trade has become highly unlikely, with teams like New York, St. Louis, Atlanta and Boston having found other solutions to their goalie problems. Joseph could just report in to continue earning his pay but that doesn't solve the Wings' financial problem. It's a complete mess and it's amazing to me that it hasn't had a much greater affect in the lockerroom than it has. I feel terrible for Joseph. It's all Hasek's fault and he has done nothing so far to justify his selfishness in the slightest.


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