Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Dominik Done

After weeks and weeks of setbacks and readjustments of return dates, Dominik Hasek is throwing in the towel on this season. It was announced during lunch time that, after so many weeks of rehabilitation, the condition of Hasek's groin has shown no improvement and is still very much inflammed. After practice today, Hasek announced to the guys that he would not be able to play this season. I repeat, Dominik Hasek is out the remainder of the season with a groin injury. Cujo is the man now. According to a statement to the Boston Globe, Ray Bourque doesn't "rule it out" when speaking of a return to the game. He wouldn't elaborate as to whether this means coaching a pee-wee team or making a full return to the NHL. If it's the latter, Ray, don't do it, we've seen enough failed comebacks. Jordan. Hasek. Lemieux, in many ways. We saw each player go out as a winner, and their comebacks ruined the luster of them raising the Cup or making the winning shot in the NBA finals. Bourque, you went out on top winning a Cup with the Avs, so keep it that way. The Philadelphia Flyers landed a major swap in acquiring 3-time-All Star and veteran goaltender Sean Burke in exchange for University of Michigan alum Mike Comrie. Comrie is a young center who has been highly sought after in his years in the NHL. He became a Flyer this season after holding out with the Oilers, the team that drafted him. And now he is a Coyote. The deal comes after the amazing shutout streak of Brian Boucher, who has held his own this season and now has a chance to be the #1 goaltender. Comrie on the deal:
"The West is a little more exciting. More chances are developed on the rush, whereas in the Eastern Conference the key is to stop the puck and work from behind the net. It's a bit of a different game, but you're on the ice, you're playing hockey, and it's not as big of a difference as everybody says."
The Flyers were in great need of a solid goaltender, with Jeff Hackett retiring Monday because of vertigo and Robert Esche is sidelined with a sprained knee. Before making the deal, the Flyers had Neil Little and Antero Niittymaki up helping out.


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