Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Tom Benjamin of Canucks Corner's NHL Weblog believes yesterday's announcement by Hasek is just a scam by the Wings to cash in on their insurance policy on the goalie, that he isn't really hurt. Because Hasek's injury lasted 30 games, the Wings can apparently save a little more than $5 million of the $6 million left on Hasek's contract by having the league's insurance fund cover it at around a $1 million cost to the team. I personally don't buy in to that as the reason Hasek made the announcement. Maybe that's why it was made when it was made but I really do believe Hasek is actually hurt. How badly he's hurt is a different question but he does really have a groin injury which he obviously believes would keep him from playing at a top level. His doctors have advised him that the best way to have his groin heal is to rest more so even if he were to re-gain his health before the season's end, he would never be able to get back into shape in time for the playoffs. It was pointless for him to stick around and continue to hang over the organization. If the money issue factors into it, so be it. Why should the Wings have to pay $6 million for 14 games anyway? I'm not even fully sure the Wings have such an insurance policy on Dominik. According to WDFN 1130AM, they never did. Can anyone confirm that for me?


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