Friday, October 31, 2003

Wings 3, Preds 5

The officiating last night was disgusting. The NHL should be ashamed of itself. Every other league works to showcase its best players and teams yet the NHL goes out of its way to screw them. Those two refs last night were the worst I have ever seen. That holding call on Nick Lidstrom was shameful and they deserved whatever they got from Steve Yzerman before they threw him out of the game. A non-call on Tootoo's interference with Jiri Fischer led directly to a Predators goal and that's just another example of the wonderful job Mike Leggo and Tim Peel did last night. I have never even heard of these guys. The Wings should have at least one decent ref at each of their games, not two no-names who have something against Steve Yzerman and the Wings. I cannot believe how much of a double standard the league has when it comes to officiating and I believe that is the single biggest reason why the NHL is #4 in American pro sports. There is no credibility. How are people supposed to get excited about the league when the best teams are called for everything, even when they are following the written rules? It's sickening. They should call it fair and let the poor teams get better by themselves. On a more positive note, CuJo didn't look too bad in his debut. He looked fairly solid and pretty sharp, in my opinion. Henrik Zetterberg, Steve Yzerman and Brett Hull scored for the Wings. The Preds scored 4 on 24 shots on Joseph and on in an empty net. The Predators are a bunch of goons. They were going around looking for fights all night, though they only won maybe 3 of 9. The Wings have lost 3 in a row now and are now 5-5-0-0, thanks to the league's wonderful officiating and their own swiss cheese defense. They really have to get it together and win their upcoming games, bad officiating or not. The refs aren't the only reason they have lost 3 in a row. Lewis had better do a better job or we'll be calling for his head before January. The Captain needs to start leading his troops and hopefully last night will keep him fired up for a while. It's time for the Wings to get some emotion and start playing like they can. If they do, watch out. Maybe last night was a wake-up call. Jiri Fischer has a mean steak and a looooong memory. Keep it up, Jiri. Manny Legace backed up Joseph. I don't know where Dom was. Free Press | Box Score | Photos Next up: @Edmonton, Saturday, 10:00 Lines- Maltby-Draper-McCarty Devereaux-Williams-Holmstrom Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Hull Shanahan-Yzerman-Whitney Shanahan-Williams-Whitney Maltby-Draper-Dandenault Devereaux-Williams-Shanahan Shanahan-Draper-McCarty Fischer-Chelios Woolley-Dandenault Lidstrom-Schneider Fischer-Woolley Fischer-Dandenault Schneider-Chelios Lidstrom-Dandenault Lidstrom-Chelios 4 on 4- Zetterberg-Whitney Shanahan-Draper Devereaux-Williams Datsyuk-Hull Lidstrom-Schneider Lidstrom-Chelios Fischer-Schneider PP- Shanahan-Yzerman-Holmstrom Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Hull Shanahan-Williams-Holmstrom Lidstrom-Schneider Woolley-Whitney Lidstrom-Whitney Lidstrom-Dandenault PK- Shanahan-Yzerman Zetterberg-Whitney Maltby-McCarty Maltby-Draper Datsyuk-Hull Lidstrom-Chelios Lidstrom-Dandenault Fischer-Dandenault 5 on 3PK- Maltby-Draper Maltby Chelios Schneider Lidstrom-Chelios 6 on 5 Joseph pulled- Zetterberg-Whitney-Datsyuk-Hull Lidstrom-Shanahan Net- Curtis Joseph


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