Friday, October 31, 2003

Travesty In Officiating

Last night was a travesty. The refs called the game like they wanted to please Betman rather than please the crowd, fans, and hockey world. I don't want the refs to go out of their way to solely increase the entertainment, so as to blatantly go against rules, but I also don't want the refs to go out of their way to make calls based on technicalities or make phantom calls, like the one on Lidstrom, which was perfectly legal "interference", as Nick was moving his legs the whole time. To find the balance between these two extremes, it takes an ounce of common sense, which last night's refs obviously didn't have. I could've called a better game from my dorm room in Ann Arbor, Michigan, periodically looking down at my calculus then back at the TV. Seriously, I was surprised I didn't see a folding chair on the ice courtesy of assistant (or associate, whatever you want to call it) coach Joey Kocur, as he did last year versus the St Louis Blues when Joe Quennville sent out mugs to get at our Lidstroms and Yzermans in the final minute of another Wings blowout victory versus the jokes from St Louis (wow, that was a long sentence--this reflects my frustration with the refs). But the innanimate folding chair last night was Steve Yzerman's yelling at the refs every chance he got. I was considering throwing something at my TV, except I'm a poor college student and my $89 dollar Toshiba needs to last awhile. I hope Yzerman is not fined and/or suspended for his words (during/after the game), but it is possible, since the NHL wants to deny its faults and blame the players for not accepting Betman-mandated bull-crap calls. If the Nashville Predators had any balls, they would confirm the inequity in calls during the game, which were totally one-sided against the Wings, and call-out the refs. But instead, they are going to say nothing of the sort, and take shots at the Wings, as their coach did. I hope they are ready for the next time we face them, because I think we've got a mini-grudge building up here. I also thought the Wings acted pretty immature in the final minutes of the game, especially after the empty net goal and a loss was all-but-guarenteed. Instead of acting like classy individuals, we were jerks (not mugs, since we didn't go after their Lidstroms, whoever they are) and started fights. I just wanted the Wings to run the clock out and leave, but they insisted on starting many fights. If Joey Kocur and the Wings are gonna bitch about Quennville starting fights at the end of a game, with the result locked, then we shouldn't do pretty much what they did. That really pissed me off more than the loss. Honestly. Maybe against the Avs it's ok, because it's a Wings players' instinct to beat the crap out of the "moving snow," but against the Preds? Come on. You can be frustrated, but don't pick so many fights against losers. Things just went too far in my mind. But maybe I'm seeing this out wrong. Let me know...


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