Tuesday, February 10, 2004

More on Dom

I've been calling for this to happen for a while now and it finally has. To me, it's not a nightmare because Dominik has shown nothing this year that would indicate he is still capable of playing at the NHL level. Sure, a healthy Dom is more desirable than a healthy CuJo but it is obvious now that it was an impossible dream. The Wings now have to stick with Curtis Joseph, something they should have done two months ago when Dom re-injured his groin. They should have asked him to re-tire then instead of allow this soap opera to continue for so long. If Dom had been able to pull off a successful comeback it would have been amazing but it is obvious that it was not meant to be. Whatever his motives in returning to the league, I thank him for his attempt but I'm glad it's over now so we can move on. I hope Joseph can steady himself now and live up to the standards we as Wings fans have. I think he can and maybe this year he'll show us all why he's being paid $8 million a year. He's been a model citizen throughout all of this and I think he deserves the chance he's getting, to prove himself. Now he just has to get out of this minor slump of his. The game in Colorado on Thursday was a good start and tomorrow's game versus the Sharks would be a good time to continue along that line. Now the Wings have a definite #1 goalie to play for and that should have a positive effect on their play. You should have stayed for another year after the Cup, Dom. It would have worked then, perhaps. Also, we're moving up in the world. From now on, anything Brian and I post here will also be published on the (far and away) most popular Wings fansite around, letsgowings.com, in our own blog hosted there which will be known, surprisingly enough, as "On the Wings." Christy will likely have her own separate blog there as well for her "Behind the Jersey" pieces. Many thanks to Matt Schwartz for asking us to do this. It's a huge deal, to me anyway. Everything will continue on here as usual and there will be no changes, except the material might get better. No promises about that though!


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