Monday, February 28, 2005

More on Steve Shannon

The New York Times had more in yesterday's edition on Steve Shanno, the former coach of the Motor City Mechanics who placed a $200 bounty on Flint Generals player Kevin Kerr. The most interesting part is that Derian Hatcher spoke up after Shannon had made the offer and left the room. He t, "No. This will not be done." Derian has downplayed it since, but if he did in fact say that, I think he deserves a lot of credit. Apparently, Shannon was not popular with the players and they are not sorry to see him go. 14 of them testified to the UHL about what happened. Shannon still adamantly denies that he offered a bounty and holds that the players conspired against him with their former coach, Gary Unger. That may be but, if so, the players really have the UHL sold on it. UHL President and chief executive Richarch Brosal had some more harsh words about Shannon:
"This man is a menace. He is deplorable. He made a mockery of all coaches. He deserved what he got and then some. This gentleman is a disgrace to hockey."
The Mechanics fans do not agree, if their actions are any indication (from the NY Times article):
Moments before the opening face-off Friday night, some Motor City Mechanics fans threw a dozen rolls of Bounty paper towels on the ice in the Flint Generals' zone.
Those were thrown in support of Shannon, apparently. So, Motor City fans have a good sense of humor and are grossly misguided in their lending of support. More classiness. Ugh. Update (Brian) In other bounty-related news, the NCAA college basketball world was shaken with news that Temple coach John Chaney sent in a "goon" player to rough up Saint Joseph's squad during their game last Tuesday. The resulting rough play left Saint Joseph's senior John Bryant with a broken arm off of a more-than-flagrant foul by Nehemiah Ingram, Chaney's self-described goon. The play occurred with just under 8 minutes to go in the second half, Saint Joseph holding a commanding 50-34 lead. Ingram did not shake hands with any SJU players following the game. Chaney has been suspended by Temple for the final three games of the regular season, and he has also decided not to coach during the Atlantic 10 tournament in respect to Bryant's inability to participate. Chaney has apologized to Bryant and his family, and offered to pay the medical bills.


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