Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Motor City Mechanics coach suspended

The head coach of the Motor City Mechanics has been suspended for the rest of the season by the UHL after placing a bounty on Flint Generals player Kevin Kerr. Steve Shannon offered his players $200 to take out the veteran UHL player, and all-time minor league goal leader, in the course of the Mechanics' February 2nd game in Flint. Apparently, it was a reaction to Kerr's comments protesting the signing of NHL players by the Mechanics. Thankfully, none of Shannon's players took him up on the offer, though Kerr did fracture his elbow in what he called a clean hit during the game. Nonetheless, the UHL understandably took action against Shannon. Commissioner Richard Brosal said Shannon has not yet admitted to having offered the bounty but confirmed that it was for $200. "I don't care if it was $5. You do not put a bounty on another player's head." Brosal also said that Shannon will not automatically be reinstated for next season: "I would review that again if it came up. We'll just have to wait and see." Shannon will miss the last 24 games of the season. Taking over the last place Mechanics (17-33-6) will be Garry Unger, who has coached the Mechanics in the past. The Mechanics and Generals have another game on Friday. I think the UHL handled this very well and I hope they deny Shannon re-entry into the league for next season. That sort of thing is absolutely disgusting. Obviously the man has not been paying attention to major hockey event sin the past year. Maybe then he would have remembered what happened with the Canucks. Great job, Mr. Shannon. Way to run your team with integrity. Classless.


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