Friday, October 06, 2006

Shanahan gets 600th goal

I really would have loved to have seen that. I wish he could have gotten those two goals while still in Detroit. Congratulations, Shanny! As for the Wings, they lost last night and didn't look good while doing it, though it was still great to watch them again. Definitely a lot of rust, for just about everyone on the team. Hopefully they'll be better on Saturday against the Pens. It was very strange to see Lidstrom wearing the "C," but Draper and Zetterberg look good with the "A." Now I have to get one for my Hank jersey. I'm sorry about the lack of posting. I really did mean to do a preview of the game, if not the season, but just was not able to fit it in. I hope to be able to start posting more regularly sometime next week, when the homework push is over.


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