Thursday, August 10, 2006

Henrik Zetterberg's wrist injury

Update (12. Aug, 2:06 PM): Christy has more here. Update (11. Aug, 5:51 PM): Looks like I overreacted: John Niyo reports that a DMC hand specialist checked out Hank's wrist today and decided that surgery is not needed. Apparently, it's just inflammed and there's no "structural damage." Basically, he'll be fine soon. He's supposed to get a cortizone injection to help with the inflammation and then head back to Sweden. Whew! I still think they need to sign a scoring forward, however. Their options are getting more and more limited, though. Petr Sykora, pending a groin MRI, has signed with the Edmonton Oilers and, as Niyo posted on the Detroit News Wings Weblog, the Wings are not interested in JP Dumont. Peter Bondra sounds pretty good to me, Ken. (Thanks to the posters at KK Forums for the links.) Update (11. Aug, 7:19 AM): The News reports that, due to the terrorist plot the Brits exposed yesterday, Hank's arrival in the States could be delayed by the heightened security at airports. They also quote the assistant GM, Jim Nill, as saying, "I don't think it's anything serious. He played all year with it and didn't even feel it at the end of the season." Again, it's a good thing they're being cautious now, even if the injury isn't a big deal. (End Updates) Helene St. James today regurgitated a Swedish report that broke the story that Henrik Zetterberg has been dealing with a wrist injury for the past 18 months. Apparently, it's been on and off and Hank has been able to play through it by taping it up (Making his play last season even more impressive). However, the injury recently flared up while Zetterberg was skating with his old SEL team, Timra IK. Now, the Wings are concerned enough to bring him back to the States for examination. The Swedish report said the injury is serious and that Henrik may miss the start of the season, a prospect made much more likely if surgery is required. I guess it's good that this happened now rather than in March, where the loss would have been catastrophic (remember, Hank was one of the few Wings to show up against Edmonton). If he needs surgery, he can get it done soon and would be back in time for the important stuff, hopefully. Even so, this is not good news, folks, especially considering the Wings still have not signed any serious offensive talent this summer. Remember the fact that this injury dates all the way back to 18 months ago. It's not like Hank could have kept it hidden. Management knew about it and should have made allowances for it in their plans for this coming season (ie. "Hank may be forced by injury to take a reduced role, rather than an increased one - do you think maybe we should get his wrist checked out and sign someone who can score goals just in case?" Naahhh). With that in mind, the day Shanahan left the team, taking his share of the offensive burden with him, the Wings should have made it their first priority to sign a bona fide NHL forward with some semblance of offensive ability. That they didn't is pretty disturbing. I don't think they have any choice now, in light of the possibility that Hank could be out for an indeterminate amount of time. Please sign someone, Holland. Dumont, Bondra, anyone. (link via. A2Y)


At 8/10/2006 11:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bondra's available??? Heck, I'd sign him in a heartbeat.


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