Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Helene St. James: Lidstrom to be the captain

No official announcement yet, this is based on a source the paper apparently has within the organization. Obviously, this isn't surprising, if it's true. Congratulations, Nick! Update (5:16 PM): I found and posted the above link right before I left for work today. If I'd had more time, I probably would have questioned Ms. St. James' story a little more. Fortunately, while I was at work, others did the questioning, namely IwoCPO at A2Y. First, he broke down the story piece-by-piece. Then he posted a quote by Mike Babcock (via KK) in a CP report that refuted the Free Press article:
“I’m not saying Nick Lidstrom won’t be the captain but what I am telling you is that we haven’t spent one second on it yet. Anything written about it at this point is pure speculation.”
Obviously the Freep's source is getting a little ahead of themselves and the organization. Nick Lidstrom may very well end up being the captain and he probably should be. I still favor this rumor, however. Update (6:54 PM): Iwo has more here.


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