Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wings Sign Matt Ellis, Jimmy Howard

The Wings have signed prospects Matt Ellis and Jimmy Howard, as talks continue to progress with Griffin goaltender Joey MacDonald. Matt Ellis, 23, recently had a breakout season with 18 goals and 23 assists in 79 games with the Griffins. The center has yet to make an appearance with the Wings, but has moved up the depth chart over the past few years. As for Jimmy Howard, the University of Maine goaltender will skip his senior season to join the Griffins. Howard recently posted a 1.92 GAA in 39 games played for the Maine Black Bears. Howard was Detroit's first choice (64th overall) in the 2003 draft, and has the potential to become a #1 goaltender in the NHL. The Wings had been pressuring Howard to forego his senior year, with the potential of the Griffins needing him this season if MacDonald is called up by the Wings.


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