Friday, August 05, 2005

Say it Ain't So

In previous posts, I have estimated that Datsyuk is asking for $3 million or more, with a significant offer from Moscow Dynamo as leverage. Unfortunately, that was an accurate assessment. According to the Free Press, Datsyuk is asking for at least $4 million. For perspective, Bykov pulled in $1 million tax-free in Russia. So any Russian offer of $1.5 million or more tax-free would basically blow the Wings out of the water, if you know anything about tax brackets. We just don't have it in our budget to pay Pavs more than $2 million. As the Free Press pointed out, the Wings have approximately $10 million remaining cap spending with only 14 players under contract. We need 7-8 more players at the minimum. Says Gary Greenstin, Pavs' agent:
"We have had a very productive conversation. We've explained our position, he has explained his position. He has a certain amount of money to spend and has to sign another player. Pavel, you know, Pavel Datsyuk's future is with the Detroit Red Wings."


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