Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vladdie becomes a US citizen

Vladimir Konstantinov, along with his wife, Irena, was sworn in as a US citizen in a private ceremony in Detroit yesterday. The couple have lived in the US for nearly 15 years and applied for citizenship about a year ago. He joins Steve Yzerman and Brendan Shanahan (off the top of my head) as Wings who have been naturalized. It blows my mind that Vladdie's accident was 8 years ago. It's hard to believe he's 38 already and that he lost at least 8 years of his career because of that driver. Time sure flies by, eh? I love how the AP calls our Vlad the Impaler an "Ex Red Wing." Sorry guys but Vladimir Konstantinov will always be a Red Wing. There is no "ex" about it. Congratulations, Vladdie!


At 7/07/2005 06:29:00 PM, Blogger Brian List said...

Yeah it really doesn't seem like that many seasons have gone by...and your mentioning the driver made me want to check on how long he was in jail for that: Richard Gnida was released in June 1998, only in jail for 7 months...UGH

At 7/08/2005 08:51:00 AM, Anonymous Kevin R said...

Doesn't seem that long at all. I can tell you that, for me, seeing Vladdie out there with the guys hoisting the Cup in the past celebrations had to be one of the most memorable parts of seeing these guys bring It home to hockeytown. Makes me misty......


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