Monday, July 04, 2005

Chris Yzerman Interviews Senators GM John Muckler

Chris Yzerman, the younger brother of Red Wings Captain Steve Yzerman, has a very interesting interview with John Muckler in the Canadian Press. Senators GM John Muckler, 71, recently was given a three-year contract extension, and has outlined his plan for the team in post-CBA chaos:
"I don't know what the new economic order is. We had a team that we feel could win the Stanley Cup, we still feel that way and we'd like to keep it together."
Currently, the Senators are looking at $23.6 million of post-rollback salary for the ten players signed for 2005-2006. While he is looking to bring back key players such as Marian Hossa, Martin Havlat, Mike Fisher, Todd White and Jason Spezza, Muckler says he is also considering bringing up six or seven AHL Binghamton Senators to fill in the rest of the roster:
"There are about seven teams that I would call buyers, and the rest of us are trying to hold on to what we have. If you look at our numbers, we don't have money to spend."
That's something that might ring true for all 30 teams. Replacing aging veterans who command a legacy/reputation salary with AHL up-and-comers. To me, for the Wings, that means guys like Brendan Shanahan (36), Chris Chelios (43), Darren McCarty (33), and Steve Yzerman (40). While it doesn't mean the Wings will drop any or all of those guys, those players should consider re-negotiating/accepting less money because the Wings won't have space for legacy/reputation contracts anymore, especially with $16.34 million post-rollback locked up between Hatcher / Lidstrom / Lang. One interesting name Muckler dropped was Dominik Hasek. The Senators plan to pick up their $2 million option for Hasek next season (up to $6.1 million if they win the Cup), and Hasek, 40, 'wants to play' as long as a CBA is in place by September. Says Muckler:
"I spoke to (Hasek's agent) Rich Winter the other day. Dom in ready to play, he's excited to play and he thinks he can play three more years."
Haha. That's funny. Three more years? The Senators should sign a good backup, because Hasek is a huge question mark. With disappointing playoff losses - the legacy of Jacque Martin - there's obviously talk of stirring things up on the Senators. Last summer the Senators fired Martin, and brought longtime coach and GM Bryan Murray on board. But on Wednesday, Muckler stated that Daniel Alfredsson will continue to wear the C.


At 7/06/2005 02:07:00 PM, Blogger catseye said...

Hasek will play for three more years! Ha, The Sens will lucky to get one season out of this old geezer!


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