Wednesday, March 02, 2005

NHLFA commercial

The National Hockey League Fans Association had this to say to their members in an e-mail today:
We are very pleased to announce the release of a 30 second public service announcement (PSA) that is being circulated to the media today. Hopefully, television stations will broadcast the spot and more fans will join our ranks. The PSA was created (gratis to the NHLFA) by a group of hockey fans from Toronto, led by David Daga. Spy Films of Toronto also donated production time.
The commercial is good and I definitely recommend watching it. The symbolism is pretty obvious but it's still fairly poignant. It's well done and I hope (vainly, I know) that it will open some eyes. I've been a member of the NHLFA for a few years now and it's never had much of an ability to do anything but take polls that everyone ignores. I've wished it could be more and maybe now that's happening. I would love to see the fans have more of a voice in the game today and the NHLFA is certainly working to get us one. Click here for the Quicktime version (5.5 MB) of the commercial and here for the Windows Media version (3.6 MB).


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