Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dom to retire again?

This is barely Red Wings-related but we like to follow former Wings here and Hasek more than most. The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Dominik told Senator GM John Muckler, "that if there's no deal by September, then [he's] going to have to get [himself] another goalie." He went on to say,
"That's not what I want ... I want to play, but I can't have this uncertainty for my family."
Dom signed with Ottawa last July, a two-year contract with an optional second year but he has not yet suited up due to the lockout. He will be going back to the Czech Republic with his family soon and says,
"Once my kids are enrolled in school in the Czech Republic nex year, then that's it. I'm not going to be away from them and it wouldn't be fair to move them if nothing happens until next January."
The Sun article rightly points out that if Dom retires again, it would be a huge blow to the Sens, who threw away a good young goalie in Patrick Lalime so they could land the man considered to be one of the greatest goalies ever. They would be left out to dry without him. There are many who doubt (including me) that he has any real juice left in him but it'd almost be a shame if he doesn't get a chance to prove us wrong. Almost. I'd rather he didn't embarrass himself anymore than the debacle here in Detroit last year did.


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