Monday, January 17, 2005

Lidstrom to stick around

Our larger affiliate LetGoWings is reporting that Nicklas Lidstrom will not head overseas to Sweden during the lockout. Matt Schwartz, the head man over at LGW, has the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet as his source. In a story published today, Lidstrom is quoted as saying,
"I don't want to uproot my family and I don't want to leave them behind."
He will instead stay in the Detroit area and work out with other Red Wings teammates who are not going to Europe. He also will not play in the World Championships in the spring, saying,
"You can't show up without any games behind you."
There have been worries in Detroit for years that Nick would bolt to Sweden and never return if given the chance. Those fears seem baseless now, given his decisions during the lockout. Now the only thing that will prevent Lidstrom from returning to Detroit after the lockout is his $10 million salary and the inevitable salary cap which would pretty much prohibit his presence on the team. I'd provide a link to the original Aftonbladet article but I can't read Swedish and my brain is smoking from trying to find it. If anyone out there understands Swedish, we sure could use your help!


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