Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's pretty much official

Well, the NHL rejected the NHLPA's offer and in turn had it's offer rejected. Any hope there might have been for an NHL season was obliterated by these words from Billy Guerin: "We put forth our best offer last week. We couldn't be [further] apart." It's no wonder. Anyone who's taken a look just at the NHL's proposed salary roll-back structure could tell you that. Even without a cap, the League's proposal would have been insulting. There was no compromise from the NHL. None. Apparently, all the give must come from the players, who at least seemed willing to meet in the middle. I don't think we can expect that any more. Read these: Globe and Mail article Bettman's comments The NHL's proposal NHLPA press release I am completely disgusted, too much so to even say any more. Maybe later today I'll write up a rant. No promises though. Finals start tommorrow and with this news, I'm really starting to question the importance of the NHL anymore. Should I really be wasting my time on this? I used to think so. Now I'm not so sure.


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