Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Quote of the Week

"It's asinine and it's both sides. How are you going to solve a conflict without communication? I don't understand the motivation behind sitting around.

"Even if you're not going to talk to the other guy, why not put forward some ideas you have so the public can see them and can say, 'These guys are putting forward an effort.'

"I understand there's an art to negotiation but right now, they're pretty s----- artists."
- Calgary Flames defenseman Andrew Ference expressing his frustration that the two sides in the labor dispute have not met for negotiations since September 9th. I agree with Ference 100%. It is absolutely ridiculous that neither side will take the initiative by contacting the other. It is completely childish and if it's part of some kind of strategy for winning the negotiations, it's a very stupid strategy. I cannot tell you how pissed off I am about it. It really makes me question the determination of both sides to get the NHL's problems resolved. They obviously have no motivation other than to "win." Too bad we fans are too attached to the game to flex our own muscles by abandoning the League entirely because of this madness. I love hockey and I love the Red Wings but, if something does not happen soon, there will come a time where I will wash my hands of the NHL. I am really and truly disgusted. Screw you, Gary Bettman and you too, Bob Goodenow. Andrew Ference should get a medal for saying that and I hope he has the balls not to retract it just because the Union Goon Squad says to.


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