Thursday, October 14, 2004

NHL Lockout Day #28

The Wings were supposed to play in Edmonton tonight at 9:00 ET for their season opener. Instead, they are scattered across the US and Europe, training in gyms and on the ice or playing with unfamiliar teammates. Or, in the case of defenseman Chris Chelios, training with the US bobsled team:
Thank you, Gary Bettman, for orchastrating this lockout and thank you owners for going along with it like a herd of sheep. Thank you, Bob Goodenow, for staying so steadfast in your resolve not to let the NHL "win" the negotiations and thank you players for letting Goodenow scare you into silence. I am completely disgusted. We have been robbed. If the lockout had no effect on you before, it should now. If you want to get really mad, read these: TSN Hotseat transcripts of select reporter's grilling the NHL's Bill Daly and the NHLPA's Ted Saskin (via. Hockeybird) - The reporters actually ask some excellant questions but Daly and Saskin generally skirt around them in the TSN interviews. These are worth reading strictly for the quality of the questions. transcript of Gary Bettman's chat with fans yesterday - The fans were a lot easier on Gary Bettman and gave him ample opportunity to spew his crap. If you've had your fill of rhetoric and can't take any more, do not bother reading it. One thing I get from those transcripts is that the "leadership" of both sides has got to go. There will never be a deal as long as Gary Bettman/Bill Daly and Bob Goodenow/Ted Saskin are leading their respective organizations. How long it will take for the owners and players to realize this (if ever) is the big question.


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