Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Draper headed to Switzerland?

So far this off-season, Kris Draper has stayed at home with his family and worked out at the local ice arena, in hopes that a new CBA would be reached before the season is cancelled. But it looks like Drapes has thoughts of joining the hundreds of other NHL players who have gone to Europe to play out the season. In a piece published yesterday, he told the Detroit News that unless something comes out of the NHLPA's meeting next week, he's going to head overseas, more specifically, to Switzerland. Part of his motivation for going to Switzerland is what Stacey Roest, a former teammate of his who now plays for a Swiss team, has told him:
"I've talked with Stacey Roest, and he said it's just beautiful over there, the people are great. He raves about it. I'm going to do it."
The other motivating facor is that he just misses playing hockey. His family will go to Switzerland with him if he goes through with it. With a four year, $11.2 million contract waiting for him in the NHL, don't worry about Draper staying over there in Europe for any longer than the lockout lasts. And speaking of the lockout, he continues to be optimistic about the chance that there will be some sort of an NHL season this year, despite all the reasons not to be.
"I still have to believe both sides can work this out."
It's nice to know someone still has hope, Kris.


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