Monday, August 02, 2004

Two OtW staff additions

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of two members to our staff: Humberto Fernandes and Daryl Shilling. Humberto will be handling our first non-English-language mirror by translating the majority of our content into Portuguese. Why Portuguese you ask? Because Humberto was the first to contact me about being a translator for the site and he represents a growing hockey-loving community in Brazil. I think it's great that he's willing to spend the time to this and that OtW may have a small part in helping hockey become more popular in that most soccer-loving of nations. The Wings are going to owe us for helping develop a fan-base for them down there! You can check out his section of the site by going here. Daryl is the webmaster of "The Hockey Project (HBTN)," where he publishes very good statistical studies on the NHL. Brian discovered him during his Internet travels and we decided to ask him about becoming an affiliate, much like the deal we have going with He'll publish his stuff here at OtW while continuing to do so at HBTN and Matt Schwartz is going to set him up with a blog on Letsgowings to give him even more exposure. His work is very interesting, though I don't think he's gotten the recognition he's deserved. That should change real soon. I think this will be a very beneficial partnership of sites.


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