Thursday, August 19, 2004

8/19 Red Wings Notes

-- Sorry about the downtime parts of the site went through today (if anyone noticed). It was due to a small change I made in the template and forgot to change back. The error caused the post pages to have none of their respective posts shown so the last two things published here were only viewable on the front page. This has been fixed. -- I'm not going to do a full post on this since a good one has already been made by Jes Golbez but Robert Lang has won the Czech Zlata Hokejka (Golden Stick), which makes him the best player in the world from his country. For something that had become the Jaromir Jagr/Dominik Hasek Award, it's pretty amazing that Robert got it. Congratulations! -- mLive says that The Captain has made progress his recovery from that horrible eye injury and is still working on a deal with the Wings. Apparently he should be signed by Septermber 15th, the day we all know as the Day the CBA Expires, as well as some or all of the other three Red Wings currently unsigned (Chris Chelios, Mathieu Schneider, Pavel Datsyuk). I wouldn't get my hopes up about Schneider but Pavel and Cheli should be back for sure. Though those bonuses on Chelios' contract are taking ridiculously long to hash out.


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