Saturday, June 12, 2004

Sens looking at Dominik

According to the Calgary Sun, the Ottawa Senators are looking at Dominik Hasek, the former Red Wings goalie who only played 14 games last season due to a groin injury. The idea has gained some credibility since Ted Kulfan first proposed it a little less than a month ago, when it seemed like mere speculation. A source in the league told the Sun yesterday that the Sens are having serious talks with Dom's agent, Rich Winter, but that no deal had been finalized. Apparently, Ottawa has looked at his medical records to make sure that troublesome groin is healed and he may be in Ottawa this weekend. He is recovering from a successful surgery and is feeling good, a result of having hired a personal trainer in the Czech Republic. Dominik would need permission from the Wings to talk to other teams and it is believed that he has received such permission. The Wings would have the right to demand a player from the Senators in exchange for Hasek rather than let him go free. The Sun says Hasek is looking for a one year contract with a $4 million base salary plus incentives. The Wings have washed their hands of Dominik and have no desire to bring him back, despite what he seems to think. He wants to win the Cup again and will go to whichever team gives him the best chance of achieving that goal. I'd really hate to see Dominik tarnish his image even more by playing another subpar season. If he can play near or at his former level, great. I'll just feel cheated that he couldn't do it this year for the Wings. I don't think he showed that he still has the fire but he still thinks he does, despite having squandered such a great chance to prove it. If he wants to win the Cup again, history has shown that the Senators are not the team to play for. Besides, they already have a good young goalie in Patrick Lalime. There's no need for him to disrupt the comfortable career another young goalie like he did in the summer of 2001. Give it up, Dom.


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