Sunday, June 27, 2004

Red Wings Draft Review

Here is the complete list of picks the Wings took in this year's draft: Third round, 97th overall Johan Franzen, C Fourth round, 128th overall Evan McGrath, C Fifth round, 151st overall Siarhei (Sergei) Kolasau, D Fifth round, 162nd overall Tyler Haskins, C Sixth round (192nd overall) Anton Axelsson, LW Seventh round (226th overall) Steve Covington, RW Eighth round (257th overall) Gennady Stolyarov, RW Ninth round (290th overall) Nils Backstrom, D I honestly don't know anything about any of these guys so I'll direct you over to the authority on Red Wings prospects, Red Wings Central, for their coverage here and here. From what they say, it doesn't look like it was too bad a draft for the Wings but it's unlikely we'll see any of these player for years, with the possible exception of Johan Franzen. Nothing spectacular but that's to be expected with the Wings' poor draft position. In other news, the Ottawa Senators have traded Patrick Lalime to the St. Louis Blues, it was announced today, for a conditional fourth round pick in next year's draft. The deal was almost certainly to make room for Dominik Hasek, who has reportedly agreed to a deal with the Senators which will be officially announced on July 1 (hat tip to Ottawa Senators Fanblog for that link). The Blues' #1 goalie before Lalime came to town was Chris Osgood and that is the second time Hasek has screwed up Ozzie's career, even if it's less direct this time around. I really hate to see that because I'm still a fan of Osgood but Dom is not one to have his will denied and it's unfortunate that the Blues chose to trade for Lalime. Although, they were apparently already looking for a goalie change so I guess it's just a fluke that it worked out this way. Can't help but feel bad for the guy though. I'm guessing he's not the biggest fan of Dominik Hasek at the moment.


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