Wednesday, June 23, 2004

No Ovechkin for the Wings

The Wings have now denied the rumors that they are looking to trade up for the #1 pick. Their Assistant GM, Jim Nill, said "It's scary what the price would be," that price likely being a package of talented young players. The Wings are fairly short on that commodity and know that the first players asked for would be their top three (Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and Jiri Fischer) as well as a couple of their non-NHL young guys like Igor Grigorenko. The fact that they don't have a first or second round pick this year doesn't help them either, especially since this draft is considered to be very weak. Well, there goes that dream. Not that I really thought it could happen but it was nice to think about. The next time the Wings will be in a position to draft a future franchise player of the Mario Lemieux vein, as Alexander Ovechkin is supposed to be, is when they have degenerated into the 1980's "Dead Things." Hopefully that day is a ways off.


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