Saturday, June 19, 2004

Lewis to sign

Mlive is reporting that the Wings will sign Dave Lewis to a contract extension early this coming week. Apparently, Lewis and the Wings have come to terms but he has not signed the deal yet. He's going to go over it again and sign it before the Wings' front office leaves Wednesday for the NHL entry draft in Raleigh next weekend. Lewis was offered a contract on June 3 and agreed to come back but had his agent finalize the details first before making it official. Those details included his salary in the event of a lockout next season. Once Lewis is signed, Holland will focus his attention on Barry Smith and Joe Kocur. I still have mixed feelings about Dave. He was obviously great during the regular season when the team was going through all that injury trouble but his playoff performance still left something to be desired. I didn't think he made very smart coaching decisions in the playoffs and he didn't seem to learn from his mistakes. I'm not sure bringing him back was the best decision the Wings could have made since it seems like the Wings are too comfortable with him and aren't listening to him any more. I hope I'm wrong.


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