Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dom speaks

We now have it from the man himself. Dominik Hasek was quoted in today's edition of Prague's Sports daily as saying
"At the moment I can only confirm that I won't be in Detroit next season. The decision should be taken in two, three weeks, no later than the beginning of July."
"The decision" obviously means which team he will sign with. He reaffirmed his desire to play for a Cup-contender and said "Ottawa is definitely among them (the teams he's looking at)." He of course said "I feel good, very good," the exact words he said a year ago when he announced his return to the Wings. I can't help but think that won't last long, if it's true, considering how quickly those words became untrue last season. I don't think Dominik's a worthy gamble at this point in his career and the NHL's teams would be well advised to just give up that little dream. Dom should have stayed when 2 million Wings fans asked him to back in 2002. Things would likely have worked out then. Ah, what could have been......


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