Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Joseph to start again

Well, Dave Lewis has made it official: Curtis Joseph will start in Game 5 tomorrow night in place of Manny Legace. I'm all for this, actually. I do not put any blame on Manny for the past two losses since most of the goals he allowed were the results of defensive breakdowns and not of any lacking on his part. He wasn't a game-saver but he most definitely was not responsible for the losses. The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of his teammates, in my opinion. However, I do think a chance in scenery would do the Wings some good. Curtis Joseph looked sharp last night in the third period after coming in cold to replace Manny and I think he might provide the spark the Wings need. He has something to prove and I'm pretty sure he'll be playing his heart out. Hopefully he'll be the example the Wings need to follow. It won't be the same as injecting a new skater into the lineup but the Wings need everything they can get at the moment. This isn't the solution, however. I think the coaches have done all they can do and it's time for the players to take things into their own hands. Tomorrow night defines the Wings' season to this point. It's either win at home and have a chance at putting it away Saturday or lose at home and have to go into a rocking GEC Saturday to try to pull out a win there.


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