Tuesday, April 06, 2004

4/6 Notes

... The Wings announced today that Manny Legace will start tomorrow night against the Predators in their first playoff game. The announcement was made after practice today, a day earlier than expected. The fact that Lewis was going to wait until Wednesday to make the announcement had me thinking he was still trying to get Curtis Joseph in net. Lewis did not guarantee that Legace would continue starting in the series but it's pretty much a given that his play will determine whether he starts in the rest of the games or not. I hope Manny can take the pressure. I'm sure he can and that he'll be great but this is a heck of a load to put on his shoulders. ... Jason Woolley could be back by the weekend, apparently. He practiced with the team yesterday, though he still has a fractured vertebra in his back. ... The News has an article today about the future captain and their suggestions to Dave Lewis are Nick Lidstrom, Darren McCarty, Kris Draper, Brendan Shanahan, Henrik Zetterberg, or Pavel Datsyuk. I would say any one of the first three would be my choice as well as Hank. Nick, to me anyway, is a no-brainer but he may not stick around much longer after his new two year contract is up. Lewis says he already has someone in mind but "... I'm not going to say. I don't have to pick him now." This topic has been discussed endless times by Wings fans everywhere and we won't know the answer until Lewis makes the announcement. There are a number of guys on the team qualified to lead and any one of them could be a captain with another club. It will be a sad day in Hockeytown when The Captain hangs up the skates but hopefully that's a couple years off. ... Speaking of Steve Yzerman, there is a huge article about him in the Free Press today. Go read it. It's good.


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