Thursday, March 04, 2004

Wings 2, Flames 1

The Wings won last night 2-1 down at the Joe. I was unable to watch most of the game and only caught the third period. I wasn't too impressed with what I saw since it was fairly obvious that the Flames wanted the game more. I blinked and somehow missed Marc Mower's goal but I heard it was amazing, something I confirmed when I saw the replay this morning. Honestly, it was probably the second best goal by a Wings player this year, the first being Pavel Datsyuk's goal on Marty Turco back in November. Henrik Zetterberg scored the other goal for the Wings, on the power play in the second period. Jarome Iginla (who else?) made it 2-1 in the third. The Wings lost Mathieu Dandenault to injury when he blocked a shot in the first period. The shot broke his foot and he will be out four to six weeks. The only consolation to that injury is Chris Chelios is expected back for Friday's game against the Canucks. Besides that, Derian Hatcher will be back next week. The Wings will be fine on defense, it's just too bad something like this had to happen to Dandenault, who's had a good season. The injury to Draper is even more disappointing. Four weeks would bring him back right in time for the playoffs and hopefully his hot streak will continue on then. Pavel Datsyuk left the game in the third period and TSN said he went to the hospital to get X-rays. If he has any kind of serious injury, the Wings are in big trouble. He has been the Wings' MVP this season even though his play has been weaker of late and to have him out of the lineup would be a huge loss. I can't get any real information on the injury though it seems to be involving the leg. Ken Holland said the Wings are done making trades but I think he has to make some kind of move now, at least for a lesser-known veteran. The Flames have placed goalie Roman Turek on waivers. I wonder if he could be the veteran goalie the Avs are rumored to be looking for to back up David Aebischer. He will earn $5 million next year and has an option for $5.75 million, which will probably be a deterrent. The Wings still lead the League and have 87 points, just one more than Philadelphia and Tampa Bay. Next up: vs. Vancouver, Friday, 7:30 EST Lines- (courtesy GWB) Shanahan-Zetterberg-Holmstrom Thomas-Datsyuk-Hull Maltby-Mowers-McCarty Whitney-Lang-Yzerman Maltby-Zetterberg-McCarty Lidstrom-Schneider Fischer-Dandenault Rivers-Myrvold Fischer-Myrvold Rivers-Schneider Lidstrom-Fischer PP- Shanahan-Lang-Holmstrom Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Hull Lidstrom-Yzerman Whitney-Schneider PK- Maltby-Mowers Shanahan-Yzerman Lidstrom-Schneider Fischer-Myrvold Fischer-Rivers Net- Manny Legace

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