Monday, March 01, 2004

Colorado: Morris and prospects/picks for Gonchar and Kolzig?

Rumor out of Denver has it that the Avs are talking with Washington about a possible trade for Sergei Gonchar and Olaf Kolzig. The Denver Post says their source told them the Caps have asked for young defenseman Derek Morris and another young prospect and/or draft picks. Neither front office has made a comment though the talks apparently "intensified" over the weekend, no doubt in response to the Wings' trade for Lang on Friday. I personally would be shocked if this trade goes through as it is currently rumored. An Avs trade for Gonchar is possible but I cannot imagine they would disrupt team chemistry by bringing in an established #1 goalie. David Aebischer would be one heck of a man to take that kind of blow to his ego and I'm not sure he could do it. Kolzig will certainly refuse to play backup and would cause a huge problem in the lockerroom. His contract is one of the league's highest for a goalie, $6.25 million while Aebischer's is $550,000. I can't say that's not what I want, as a Wings fan, but I have to admit I believe the Avs are much smarter than that. Haven't they learned anything from the goalie situation here in Detroit? The Wings were (and are) extremely lucky things didn't tank any more than they did. If Colorado really wants a #1 goalie, they should have traded for one earlier in the season. It would be a shame to do that to Aebischer, after the great year he's had. They do need another defenseman to fill up what I perceive as a shallow defense but Pierre Lacroix should be ashamed of himself if he gives up Derek Morris and some prospects/picks for Gonchar. For what the Caps have been getting in return for their stars this year, Derek Morris would be the most equal trade yet. Lacroix should be able to get him for very little. Gonchar is a different type of defenseman, however, and I'd honestly have the Wings face him than Derek Morris, who's a physical presence I'd be happy to miss. If the trade happens, it happens. We can't do anything about it except hope it doesn't have a very large effect. I think a trade for just Gonchar is more possible and safe for Colorado but they may not have enough faith in Aebischer for the playoffs. I'm not afraid of Kolzig any more than I am of Aebischer (read: I'm not afraid of either) but I'd just as soon go without seeing him in a Colorado jersey. If I do have to see that, I'd like to see it behind a team which has lost its chemistry because of problems in the lockerroom. I give the Avs enough credit though, they're smart enough to do what's right for them. It doesn't matter what the front office does before the trade deadline. What matters is what the players do on the ice when it counts. That's what I care about, not some trade because trades mean nothing if the players don't mesh. After seeing him play one game, it looks like the Wings have found a player who meshes in Robert Lang. I hope that's true for them in the coming months and not for the Avs.


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