Saturday, February 07, 2004

YoungStars and SuperSkills

Tonight is the NHL's YoungStars game and the Super Skills competition. For me, at least, the highlight of the latter event is going to be Pavel Datsyuk. He will be able to dazzle us all with his amazing stickhandling abilities without having to worry about being mauled by an opposing defenseman. The actual All Star Game is tomorrow and I can't wait for that either. I think Pavel has a legitimate shot at being the MVP, if he performs to his potential. He'll be going up against Ilya Kovalchuck and Robert Lang but he'll be the main reason I'll be watching the game. Pavel should participate in the puck control relay, shooting accuracy competition, the new in-the-zone competition and the breakaway relay. He could even be in the fastest skater competition since he has another gear which he doesn't use very often and really turns on the jets when he does. The Wings have no players in the YoungStars game this year. Niklas Kronwall probably would have been named to the roster but he broke his leg in LA a couple weeks ago so he can't make it. I'll check the game out anyway, just to see what the NHL's future looks like. Nick Lidstrom is the other player representing the Wings and will be playing in his eighth All Star Game and sixth straight start. He should be in the hardest shot competition and has a good chance of winning it, in my opinion. Should be an exciting night overall and I'm really looking forward to it. It all starts at 8:00 EST on ESPN and CBC. If you just want to catch the SuperSkills competition, tune in at 9:00 EST. NHL Skill Competition Overview YoungStars Roster


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