Thursday, January 01, 2004

New Years Resolutions for Wings

Here's my list of what I think should be the Wings' new years resolutions: Entire Team: Recuperate if injured. Stay healthy. Secure lead in Central Division most importantly, then look to Conference, and then League, if you have the luxury. Play with more team chemistry and sound defense. Management : Number one priority, resolve goaltending issue. Don't be afraid to ask Dom to re-retire if it comes to it. Pick up a center, where the Wings still are stightly weak. Centers Pavel Datsyuk: Become a more complete player by picking up defensive game, because Kovalchuck is better when considering who is the more consummate player Boyd Devereaux: Keep hustling and try to chip in on a few goals Kris Draper: Break career goal mark Jiri Hudler: Recently sent down to Grand Rapids, so obviously to make it back here Kevin Miller: ditto Jason Williams: Become a more tenacious force in the offensive zone Steve Yzerman: Don't stress out if not scoring every night; just keep rolling and keep the team fired up. Left Wings Tomas Holmstrom: Awaken the powerplay Kirk Maltby: Score a couple shorthanded goals Brendan Shanahan: Keep scoring game winning goals Ray Whitney: Score a few more goals than you're on pace to Henrik Zetterberg: Become the 'Peter Forseberg' you have the ability to be Right Wings Brett Hull: Continue scoring goals AFTER reaching a milestone, as your slumps as a Wing have always come after these great acheivements. Mark Mowers: Stay up here Steve Thomas: Upon returning, try to play with the fire you did at first. It was too bad you had to go down when you were so hot. Darren McCarty: Come back only when your back is 100%. You don't want to have chronic problems for the rest of your life. Defense (currently leads league in pts as a crew) Mathieu Dandenault: Continue your solid play Jiri Fischer: Continue to lay out the hits and try to get in on a few goals Niklas Kronvall: Get the NHL to change the spelling of your name from Kronwall to Kronvall in its records, and gain some more experience before the playoffs Nicklas Lidstrom: Play like Nicklas Lidstrom: score more goals, stop commiting desperation penalties and allowing guys to blow by you and get breakaways, and play like a Norris Trophy winner Derian Hatcher : Be ready for playoffs and return with same physical pressence as we saw in the few games you played here Jamie Rivers: Continue to play sound defense when called upon Mathieu Schneider: Win the Norris. You've been in the shadow of the league's other great defensemen long enough. Jason Woolley: Be the plus/minus leader at season's end Chris Chelios: Play better hockey than your chili tastes, because I've heard it's mediocre. Get Nick back on track. Play young. Goalies Curtis Joseph: Find the place where you want to be and where people want you (not ruling out Detroit) Manny Legace: Retain title of league's best backup. After a few bad games, you're luster has faded a bit Dominik Hasek: Decide what you want to do. Quickly. Are you fully committed to winning a Stanley Cup? Is your heart in this or is it your financial woes that bring you back? It's not too late. You don't want to have a failed comeback like Lemieux's, who has played rarely and probably permanently injured himself even worse than he already was in the process. We would love to have you on the ice, but let us know if this is physically possible. You would certainly be a great asset in the playoffs if you get back into form.


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