Friday, January 09, 2004

Hasek out for another month

So far, the Wings' gamble with taking back Dominik Hasek has been almost a complete failure. They pretty much confirmed this yesterday when they announced that Hasek will not work out at all for the next two weeks since he has not responded to treatment as they had hoped. He will be evaluated after the two weeks but will have to get back into game-shape again, a process which would take around two more weeks. He has not played in over a month (December 8th) because of recurring groin injury. It is probable the Wings will keep all three goalies for the whole season, since the Wings are likely to be without Dominik's services for around another month, according to GM Ken Holland. There is still a chance Curtis Joseph could be traded but they'll probably keep him as insurance against another Hasek injury, even if Dominik does recover fully. Dominik had thought he was getting better but said he felt worse than he had before this past weekend and couldn't do things he needs to do to play. There is some concern that Dominik may not be ready for the playoffs if he doesn't get playing soon. He has only played 14 games but Dominik still thinks he can get back to his previous level. I think the Wings are wasting time and money. It seems to me that Dominik is not capable of playing at this level any more and that he needs to go back to retirement. There's a good chance he will re-injure himself again even if he does recover fully. I'm not convinced Dominik can get over this in just two weeks of being idle. He might need more time than that. Can the Wings give it to him? The season is half over and he's hardly been a factor on the ice at all. I'm getting tired of waiting for him, even though I really do want a healthy Dom for the playoffs. To me, the dream is dead and I think the Wings should re-focus on Joseph and give him a chance to prove himself. Freep and News


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