Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Bruins Embarrass Wings 3-0

Tonight's game meant more for the Wings than regular games. Original Six matchup. First time for ex-Wing Martin Lapointe to play back in Detroit. A lock on head coach in the All-Star Game for Lewis with a win. Continuation of home winning streak at 12 games. The Wings sounded hungry in pre-game interviews, but looked outmanned and frustrated in the second and third periods. As the Wings left the ice after the 3-0 defeat, the Joe crowd booed. Loudly. This was uncalled for, because the Wings have really gave it their all the past month. Especially at home. I wouldn't call the boo-birds "fans," but rather bandwagoners. I'd feel the frustration too, because it's an expensive night out on the town to go to a Wings game, and then to walk out of the arena only to wait 30+ minutes in the parking garage. But you just don't boo your team for one off night in a blue moon (at least at home). One where nothing seems to go in, no matter how much you try or don't try. In the first period, the Wings opened the game with a dominating force. They looked like they were on the powerplay for the first 5 minutes. Cujo took only three shots the entire period, while the Wings blasted Andrew Raycroft with 13. Hull had some amazing chances, but Raycroft robbed him and Hullie showed no emotion--but the frustration in the way he played was clear. Six minutes left in the period, Joe Thornton broke in on Cujo and undressed him with a pretty move to get the goal. Boston 1-0. It could've easily been 3-1 Wings in this period if it weren't for Raycroft stoning the Wings. In the second period, the Wings started to get outplayed and showed frustration, as Raycroft was solid in net. It was a hard period to watch, and got worse, as the Bruins closed it out with a goal from Travis Green with under 5 minutes left. 2-0 Boston. In the third period, ex-Wing Mike Knuble scored two minutes in, and the game was over. 3-0 Boston. The Wings got a few more good chances on Raycroft, but he might as well have been Patrick Roy in the zone. The Wings just weren't going to get by him tonight. The Wings closed the game dejected, and I almost felt relieved it was over so that the Bruins couldn't score another goal, a far cry from the Wings solid first period that would've yielded 3 goals on a normal night. The Wings outshot the Bruins 36-26 on the night. Hull is still goal-less since December 8, a full month now. It's the worst goal-less streak of his career. Next game is Saturday afternoon 1:00 PM in Boston, in what should be a pretty interesting game after what happened tonight. Let's hope we can get back at those Bruins and Marty Lapointe. No matter what, I'm sure the Wings have and will continue to bug the heck out of him about him leaving right before our Cup winning season, and the fact that tonight's win was a rare two-points for the Bruins.


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