Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Wings 3, Flames 0

The Wings finally ended their winless streak last night with a good win over the Flames. They finally exhibited some effort and look to be on the road to recovery. While it wasn't perfect (shutout or not), I was impressed overall with their play. Joseph looked pretty strong and the Wings' defense was much better. There were fewer turnovers on the part of the offense and more pressure on the opposing team. They took advantage of Calgary mistakes and finally got a win. The Flames don't scare anybody but it was a good place to start. Mathieu Dandenault had to leave in the first period with a tweaked groin. Shanahan finally got his head out of his rear end and scored two goals, the first of which being textbook Shanahan on the power play. Was anyone else reminded of the '97 Cup winning goal when McCarty busted in on McLennan in the second period? Using the same move he used in Game 4, he undressed the Flames goalie and scored a great goal. When the play first started to develope, I didn't think Mac would pull away from the Flames' defenseman but he surprised me. The game didn't start out very well for the Wings or the Flames, it took 12 minutes before either team got a shot on net. It wasn't because it was a defensive battle either. The Wings are now 6-6-1. Next up: vs. Nashville, Saturday, 7:30 Free Press | News | ESPN | Box score | Photos


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