Wednesday, November 05, 2003

This week's F4

Courtesy of the girls @ Overtime. Who will be the first coach to get fired this season? Dave Lewis! Just kidding. I honestly don't know. Maybe firing coaches will go out of style this year and benching players who aren't performing will become all the rage. Do you think there will be a lockout next season? Yes, I do. Neither side will budge on their views for a while and I think it will go far enough into the season that there probably won't be one. Who do you think will make the playoffs in the East? Who will be on the outside looking in? The usual suspects plus the Rangers and Atlanta (gasp!). NJ, Ottawa, Torono, Philly, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, NYR, Boston in, everyone else out. How about the Western conference? Usual suspects plus Chicago (who I'll say won't fizzle out). Detroit, Colorado, Edmonton, St. Louis, Vancouver, Chicago, LA, Minnesota (unless Anaheim turns on, which I doubt) in, everyone else out.


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