Sunday, November 09, 2003

One more Larry Brooks revelation

Again, Larry Brooks is not the most reliable source of information in the world. I'm just trying to provide some sort of explanation for the Wings' play of late, as unconvincing and weak as this is:
"Speaking of destructive situations, how about the one in Detroit where the idiosyncratic Dominic Hasek fumes whenever one of his teammates engages Curtis Joseph in a friendly conversation? It's becoming untenable in the Red Wing room, where the goaltending fiasco is splitting the once-tight team into factions. Even if there are no takers for Cujo, it's shocking that GM Ken Holland would allow such a condition to fester. Detroit, by the way, cannot move Hasek, not after entering into a no-trade agreement with the goaltender in exchange for his agreement to defer $2M of his $8M salary upon his return to the league."
I don't know how much of this is true (honestly, I doubt very much of it is) but it may shed some light on things. All I know is, something has to change, whether it's the coach, the goalies or something else because the Wings are falling fast and I don't see an end to it if things stay the way they are. I hate to sound so gloomy but the fact is the Wings have not been the team they used to be so far this season. I don't have as much a problem with their losing as I do with how they are losing. It's disturbing to me how many games they play with little or no effort. Last night could have been a turnaround point in their season, they played great for two periods and got my hopes up high. Instead of being step two on their road to recovery, it was the lowest point in a series of low points the Wings have hit for the last seven games. Right now, I am waiting with great anticipation for Steve Thomas to join the team. He may just be what the Wings need. Someone who hasn't played hockey since the Finals, who has never won a Cup, a guy who was one win away from his dream. Maybe he'll provide the spark to get these lethargic Red Wings moving. They seem to have lost their old fire, like they do not care about winning any more. It's looking like Steve Yzerman is not having any effect on the Wings any more. He has been the only Wing to consistenly give it all every night, yet no one else has followed his example. That's disturbing to me as well, maybe more than anything else. Even Nick Lidstrom hasn't been playing very well. You know it's a sad day when Nick Lidstrom plays poorly for more than one shift. A quick look at the standings shows the Wings in 8th place in the Conference, nine points out of first place in the league, six points out of first place in their division. They have plenty of time to catch up but they need to start tomorrow vs. the Hawks. Something has to give soon.


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