Saturday, November 15, 2003

NHL Injury Update

After all the confusion between conflicting reports, we have word from Peter Forsberg's best friend and father that he has an abdominal injury, although it is not serious enough to require surgery. It is described as an "inflamation" of the stomach. He would probably be playing if this were the playoffs, but he is questionable to enter the lineup any time soon. Unlucky Eric did it again. Lindros is listed as day-to-day after receiving a scratched left cornea. He will probably get back in the lineup within the next week. Interestingly, Lindros previously had an eye injury in 1995, one that many thought cost him the Art Ross Trophy. It's too bad a guy as talented as Eric (and to all you naysayers, the guy is talented, remember his first seasons in the NHL) has gone through so many injuries and circumstances that have limited his performance. And with much hope that Mario Lemieux could be returning soon to the Penguins minor league lineup, there have been reports that his hip injury could be much worse than what was thought. The hip flexor Lemieux has been plagued with could be as a result of either a muscle tear or an arthritic problem in the hip joint. It's really too bad that one the NHL's perrenial mega-stars and Hall of Famers has to be plagued with so much injury. He never expected to be playing 82 games when he returned, but I don't think he thought he was going to be going through such a series of serious injuries. I think he had in mind that he would miss games due to rest more than injury. But he's sure a trooper to stick with this.


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