Sunday, November 09, 2003

Mike Keenan fired

If the time for coach Dave Lewis to be fired comes, Mike Keenan is now available--the Florida Panthers fired him today. A guy like Keenan could get the Wings fired up and put players' in their place. I don't see this happening unless the Wings continue their trend of apathetic play for another 10 days or so. But such a stir-up might shock the Wings into playing well, and it's not like Lewis is a veteran coach or anything. I'm sure we could get someone of his calibur anywhere--it's just that he's from within the franchise that we have a tendency to give him favor. What confuses me is that Joey Kocur hasn't been able to fire the team up. He's a really rugged guy and I could see him yelling at the team more fervently than Lewie. Heck, Lewis probably thinks it's yelling when he writes his poetry up on the chalkboard before each game. We need to have someone cut the crap and kick player's in the butt if they're not performing. No more cuddling-with-your-players coaching...


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