Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Lower and lower

Just when I thought things were at an all time low after the 5-1 loss to the Cancuks, it turns out that it just got worse. I can't believe this. I didn't hear of the news until I came here and saw your article, Matt. I remember the slash and how blatantly dirty it was, and how Zetterberg really looked uncomfortable on the bench. I just wonder how it affected it after he went back out there and skated on it... That couldn't have helped the break too much. Ugh. It's getting to be really hard to be a Red Wing fan with what's happened this summer through now. I'm gonna stick it out like I always have , from the debacle playoff loss versus LA and the Ducks , to these injuries, etc. But I'm definitely not going to say it's easy to do it. I just got back from a chem exam, so hockey sounds pretty good now. I might watch the game tonight. I'm really not sure whether I can take it. I'll probably watch the first period, and if the Wings are showing effort, I'll stick with them. Otherwise, I'll do something else because I'm already riled up with this Zetterberg injury that I don't think I can take another loss like last night's. That really got me hard. I'm wondering what's going to happen to Dave Lewis. He's not locked into that coaching spot as Bowman was, so I wonder if this losing streak and all the bad defense may get him fired. I really hope not, because obviously he didn't do a terrible job last season, but one's job security is not based upon past acheivements. I just think we've really got the short end of a lot of things this season...But there's definitely been a lack of effort at times, and it's a coach's responsibility to keep his team fired up for each game. So things could get really interesting if the Wings don't turn this thing around...


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