Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Good Effort

I was pleased with the Wings' first period effort, so I watched the whole game, with breaks to watch "Matrix Reloaded," since I'm going to see "Revolutions" this Friday. The Wings played a solid game, from CuJo getting the shutout, to Shanny getting two goals we desperately needed from him, as his offensive output has been kinda dry up to now, to the defensive effort: the microcosm of which was Hullie's great back-checking efforts that really were a good example for the rest of the team. I was really happy that the Wings pulled together despite the recent unfortunate events. It's refreshing to actually see guys playing with heart, rather than gliding around and showing no extra effort to do anything. The Wings needed that win. Heck, I needed that win. I live and die with the Wings. They just need to not take their talent for granted, and get their chemistry as strong as it can be.


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