Wednesday, November 12, 2003

All Star Game Voting

It's time for everyone to start voting for the NHL All Star Game: vote now!!! I've committed to voting 20 times per day, and I recommend anyone with a fast computer do the same. It takes virtually no time after the first vote. My recommended picks: (Red) Wingers Hull Shanahan Center Yzerman Defense Chelios Lidstrom Goaltender Hasek Remember, don't vote for Hatcher because he probably won't be able to play that soon. You have 1 vote per email address, per day, so after awhile, just use random email addresses like (sorry Bob) or something. Just don't choose the option to have junk mail sent to these random emails, because that would just be evil to those people. We don't want the ballot stuffing Sharks to get all the starters like they did last year. It's time for the Wings to dominate the polls!!!


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