Friday, October 03, 2003

Wings 2, Bruins 3

The Wings had their 5th loss in 7 preseason games last night against Boston. Head coach Dave Lewis is not happy with the Wings after the game. The Wings' defense has been weak in the last few games. Lewis said "I'm disappointed in some of the veterans' positional play. Time is running out. Next Thursday, we open the season." This is especially alarming considering the defense the Wings have. There should be no question about the defensive phase of the game. Another disturbing trend: it was the fifth game, out of seven, in which the Wings scored three or fewer goals and the fourth game in which they scored two or fewer. The Wings haven't iced their full squad very often but Lewis wants more of those ugly goals.
"I think what I would like to see more of -- and I told the team that -- is more pucks at the net and more traffic at the net. We're going to have to score goals a little differently, and we're still falling into some of the habits that we've had in the past of trying to make one too many plays or passes."
The Wings scored their two goals with under 4 minutes left and on 5-on-3 power plays, after falling behind by 3. Manny Legace allowed 1 goal on 19 shots in the first two periods and Mark Lamothe allowed 2 on 8 shots in the 3rd. Free Press game notes | Detroit News game notes


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