Monday, October 27, 2003

This week's Forecheck Four

This is something I'm going to start doing every week. The girls at Overtime have created a site called Forecheck Four. It's a spoof of another site and is updated every Sunday with four hockey related questions. It's just another thing to add to the content of a site so I'm using it. Which off season movement(s) surprised you the most? (free agent signings/ trades/ retirements... etc) -- Derian Hatcher-- I was pretty surprised that the Wings actually got him. The contract was surprising too, 5 years, $30 million for the Stars' former captain. Basically makes him a franchise player for a long time. Pretty cool -- Dominik Hasek -- Obviously this was a big surprise. The rumors were going around, for sure, but after seeing how vehemently he turned down 1.2 million fans flat, I didn't believe them. Even up to the point of his press conference announcing his return, I didn't quite believe he was coming back. But I'm darn glad he has. -- Kariya/Selanne -- I was utterly shocked when I heard that news from my friend's dad as we were playing basketball outside. I never saw that one coming and I still don't quite understand it. I'm still hoping it will flop, too. What do you think about the new 'road white' jerseys? I like them. Just on more thing that makes the NHL look like the other pro leagues, which is always a good thing with their present situation. Another thing the league needs to do to look more legitimate is find consistency in their officiating. But that's another issue altogether. Back to the jerseys, I also like the fact that that's how it used to be and that they brought it back. Dark at home just looks better. I guess I'm biased because I watch and play football........ More on jerseys. What's going on with those third jerseys? Who has the ugliest? I don't know what's going on with those third jerseys. I think they're getting to be ridiculous. Honestly, the only 3rd jerseys that anyone should have are throwback sweaters. You can't go wrong when you use the past (unless you're the Vancouver Canucks.....the 80s was not a good time for them in terms of style). That's why I like the Wings' jerseys. Simple and old-fashioned, the best in the league (my completely un-biased opinion). The ugliest 3rd is the Predators', in my opinion. With so many significant key injuries this early in the season, how do you think this will affect the teams and how are the teams going to react? I know with the Wings, Hatcher's injury won't have a huge impact because they still have 3 more defensemen than they had last year (Fischer, Schneider and Woolley), for most of the season. They have a lot of depth and will be able to cover fairly well for the regular season, at least. The playoffs are a different matter entirely. The good thing about some of these injuries is that those guys will be back when it really counts. Hatcher is almost guaranteed to be ready for the playoffs. Same with other players who are hurt.


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