Sunday, October 19, 2003


Yeah. That was a really crappy game, besides Zetterberg's amazing individual effort that led to the highlight reel goal. Hasek played pretty well, and had a great poke-check that probably saved a goal. But it seemed like the refs called every single infraction the Wings did, even calling the little seen "playing the puck with a broken stick" call, plus phantom calls like holding and interference that were more reflexive than specific to our team. According to the way the refs called the game, the Red Wings are an extremely sloppy team and the Pens are the Colorado Avalanche. And that's bull crap. Just because infractions exist within the game doesn't mean that you call every one by the book. The existence of so many rules is to protect against the misuse of something to gain undue advantage. And half the penalties against the Wings were behind the play and/or didn't really affect the Pens or give us an advantage. You just don't call penalties because you technically can, because then you have a game without any flow. And, I ask the refs, what is the purpose of the existence of the NHL? To be tedious and call every single infraction, or be a medium of entertainment while at the same time maintaining order in the form of penalties? Last night, the refs misused the rules and over-did their power in maintaining order, transcending the game to create a sort of special teams fair that I could barely identify as hockey. If you were not entertained at all last night, that means the refs pretty much failed the fans and the purpose of the game.


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